Jerky Treats

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Jerky Treats® is a registered trademark used for Dog Food and owned by Promark International, Inc., Jerky Treats, Inc.. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

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jerky treats
Goods and/or Services:

Dog Food

Serial Number: 73155835
Registration Number: 1108864
Filing Date: Jan 19, 1978
Last Applicant(s)/
Owner(s) of Record

Promark International, Inc.

877 West Main Street, Suite 603
Boise, Id 83702 US

Jerky Treats, Inc.

6930 Market St.
El Paso, Tx 79991 US

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Petco removes treats linked to pet deaths

after receiving more than 4,800 complaints of illness and death from owners of pets that consumed the jerky treats from China. Tests haven't confirmed any connection between the treats and the thousands of cases reported in US cats and dogs. However, both Petco and rival pet retailer PetSmart vowed...

US inspection of China’s poultry plants may reverse ban

and Drug Administration (FDA) has been investigating a possible link between Chinese jerky treats and reports of dog illnesses and deaths. US inspection of Chinaâs poultry plants may reverse ban...

Chinese chicken tender jerky suspected of killing dog

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has logged more than 900 complaints from consumers claiming chicken treats from China have made their dogs and cats ill. The FDA has an “open and ongoing investigation” of imported chicken jerky treats from various manufacturers, a spokesman for the agency...